Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farmer's Market

Last week I embarked on my first farmer's market trip. I was pretty sure I would love it and I was right.
There are two or three of these covered walkways. We went on a Thursday and only this one was open, but from what I understand on Saturday the different buildings have different themes, like another one being a craft building. It was still worth the 17mi drive. The fruit was so fresh and smelled so good.

This woman was selling..... PUMPKIN BUTTER!??!!?? I had no idea it existed, but am now a proud owner.

The next time I go, top of the list is to treat myself to one of these beautiful flower arrangements.


  1. How lovely! Especially the flowers and I hope you really do get some next time you go, they brighten up the whole house! The pumpkin butter sounds delicious and can't wait to try it!

  2. Looks like fun. :) And the flowers are so pretty.

    I live less than a mile from a farmers market that is open every morning from 6-9ish. And can you believe I still haven't been? I think you've inspired me to finally go! I'm totally going soon.

    Also, to answer your question about the nail polish... sadly, I don't remember what it is. My mom-in-law took me to get a pedicure so it was from the salon and I didn't write it down. drat.