Friday, September 2, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: VINTAGE

This is my first week to link in with the Inspiration Workshop from Gussy Sews. I've been wanting to the past few weeks and once I saw this week's theme I knew it would be the perfect one to start with!

I got my first sewing machine over the summer and have been teaching myself to make new things slowly, mostly depending on the supplies I have on hand or have access too. Thankfully my mom has a mini craft store in her studio so if something comes up that I need, chances are she has it. My past few visits home I have been stocking up with fabrics to mess around with, mostly fabric that no one will miss or care how badly I mess up.

Except for last time. Last time I hit the jackpot.

 This site gives more information on fabric feed sacks, but these four pieces are from the 70's and were sewn into bags to be used for sacks of grain and feed. Once empty, the fabric was used to make clothes, curtains, or towels. I'm waiting to make something extra special with these, though I do have this is mind...

This was given to my mom by her mother, also in the 70's. Also have to find something great to do with this fabric.
This afternoon I went out to lunch and thrifting with a friend of mine and I had two great finds. Both pyrex, one small with a lid and the other is a gravy bowl. It was love at first sight.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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