Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Update

~ If you haven't seen it, the vlog Elycia and Kaylah posted on their respective blogs is hilarious and I highly recommend watching it. This is exactly what best friends should do and say.

~ I painted my nails today, also courtesy of Elycia and Kaylah and their zig-zag nail tutorial. Except my ziggy zaggy scissors are plastic and 17 years old and wouldn't cut tape so I had to cut it into boring plain strips with boring plain scissors. By the way, I've been spelling "scissors" wrong all day and probably for my whole life. Sorry Mom.

Belated Valentine's day colors. I purposely included the hand with the Ring. No I didn't. Yes I did.

~ Today has left me feeling inspired. I made some important connections in gaining writing experience and it has left me with wide eyes and an open mind. That, coupled with the enjoyment I've been getting from writing here has left me with a new short term to long term plan, if it goes well: get my words out. On the blog, by leaving comments on the blogs I read every single day so they know I'm there, and in these new ventures and new ways to get my words out.

~ I am also very excited to be taking the bus to go see some friends in Tacoma tomorrow. Hopefully we will be going to the Tacoma Art Museum where I plan to catch the tail end of the Mexican Folk Art exhibit before it ends on Sunday.

Let me end this with a great quote found in the vlog mentioned above:

"Once you go cats you never go dog."



  1. Hello! Just found you via you following me ( on twitter. Your blog is super-cute, I now follow you on bloglovin'. Looking forward to your updates!

    1. Thank you so much! I love your cards! I'm still getting it all up and running but thank you for seeing the potential :-)

  2. Loving those nails! It makes me want to paint mine but I always chip them!
    I'm new to your blog and love it! Come and stop by mine sometime too:


  3. Oooh you did really well with the nails! I might have a go at this myself!


  4. They are beautiful! Exciting new scissors varieties have been added to your gift list. (: