Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest Wedding Inspiration

Now that we have picked out a place to get married and have the reception, I have been free to actually plan and think about what I want it to look like. Since the venue is such a good price, I'm glad I'll have some room left over in the budget for fun things!

I love how this table is decorated with a simple white table cloth and cute bunting.

I also want to decorate like this using Elsie's cute and easy tutorial for making garland:

I am also liking the idea of having several different desserts rather than just one big cake. Half a dozen of two different kinds of cupcakes, macarons, and maybe some berry tarts.

(All on adorable dessert stands, of course...)

I am kind of feeling the turquoise and pink color combination (we'll throw some gray in there for the guys) and this cake would be perfect for a small wedding cake:

I also want a simple, handmade, no-fuss bouquet. I'm feeling inspired by these two:

Here's the link to the rest of my wedding inspiration on Pinterest. 



  1. I love the idea of DIY wedding decorations, especially garland and bunting! And I agree with you about bouquets. There's something really charming about a simple handmade bouquet. :)

    Congrats on finding a venue. That was the most difficult part for me, but mostly because we live in a small town will limited choices. Now onto the fun parts!

    1. I don't know which is worse...small town with limited choices or big town with everything being too expensive! We ended up going 40min north of Seattle.