Monday, July 9, 2012

July is here!

I just got back from a 10 day vacation that gave me much needed time to reflect on how things are going and how I would like them to go. The bottom line: I need to be more motivated.

One thing I did back in January for my birthday was to do a "25 before 26" list. I love lists and one for the year just isn't going to cut it to keep me going. I'm starting a monthly goals list to make sure the days don't slip away from me.

If I hadn't of already made it, after seeing this on Pinterest I would have been scrambling to find a pen and paper. Here's what I came up with:

July Goals
  • Submit tutorial(s) to a blog. I have one that is ready and I just need to take pictures for it and another that I have in the works.
  • Start working out regularly. Enough is enough. I have already cleaned up my eating habits a looot and I will continue to do so but that's not enough. Fitting it into my schedule is going to be the tough thing.
  • Plan a trip to Florida/Portland/Olympic Peninsula. Enough dreaming, start doing.
  • Order new glasses. I've had my new insurance for the entire month of June already. What am I waiting for?
  • Order and send out save the dates. It looks like Vista Print is going to be the winner for this one; not only do they have super cute cards but the are also the cheapest I've found!
  • BLOG BLOG BLOG. I have 7 planned. If only I could sit at my computer long enough to get them done...

I leave you with a dreamy shot from our Costa Rican vacation.

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  1. Great ideas with the lists. I usually do well with daily lists but never thought about writing some for a year, then breaking them down into more doable monthly increments.

    The quote is wonderful and the picture from Costa Rica is simply beautiful!