Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Octobre

Feeling very thankful for today. I sure do have some wonderful people in my life.

Here was dinner:

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve

I almost had a Halloween meltdown tonight. My cutout cookies wouldn't stop expanding (am I the only one?! They're my baking achilles heel) so I couldn't make tombstone brownies for the potluck at work tomorrow, I have the wrong size glue sticks for my new hot glue gun (way to go Michaels for having them on the same power wing), and I almost couldn't squeeze out the very last of my super glue. I got the glue out but I also now have half of it on my thumbs and index fingers. But all is well! The regular brownies are packed and ready to go along with my Halloween outfit for work tomorrow and I have practiced my unibrow makeup for the morning.

Happy Halloween Eve everyone!!!

From Halloween 2009 at Gio's famous ScreamFest party after a few too many punch bowl visits...

Pay It Forward

The site for our wedding next June

I was reminded today that I never reposted the Pay It Forward challenge (I only call it that because it took me soo long to repost this). I found out about it/entered on Linn's blog, Lyckoland. If you are unfamiliar with her blog, it is filled with beautiful pictures and Swedish goodness so I highly recommend taking a look. Here we go!

- The first three commenters will receive a handmade gift (or gifts) from me. Tell me your favorite
   color. I'll mail it out by the end of January (with Christmas coming, you know).

- Please repost on your blog! This is so much fun, let's share the excitement!

- Everyone is welcome to enter. I am willing to ship anywhere. Leave your email address in the
  comment so I can contact you.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


This is how we spent pretty much all day Saturday and the early parts of Sunday. I did manage to knock quite a few things off of my to-do list this afternoon which made me happy. I finally got around to making the Fall Leaves Garland from A Beautiful Mess! It turned out great and I can't wait to find the perfect place to put it.

My mom visited the 18th through the 24th and this is a picture of most of the things she either brought me or we shopping for together while she was here. Minus the cat butt. It's hard to believe it was 10 months since I last saw her and I still have two more months to go before I can see my dad. 
#1 goal for 2013: Don't let that happen again.

Nora only cuddles with me on Saturday and Sunday mornings and it sure is a treat. I guess I wake up too early for her during the week. I don't blame her.

I didn't want to post pictures with quality such as these, but I switched computers and I don't have iPhoto on this one to edit and make pretty. It's killing me! Lately I have been super obsessed with Doctor Who, Homeland, and Once Upon a Time. Homeland constantly blows me away because it's definitely not a type of show I'm usually interested in but it's just SO GOOD. Doctor Who is a new favorite and I'm having fun slooowly watching all of the (newer) episodes. The fact that the main characters change all the time keeps it really fresh and interesting for me. Each time I've experienced a doctor change I've had to take a week or two to process everything and prepare myself for the new one. Once Upon a Time- this one always amazes me at which fairy tale character they will throw in next. Their writers know no bounds!

In the next few weeks I am excited to try out some new fall recipes, continue to work out a new/better way to organize my photos, make a few more crafts, and hopefully see some friends.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Update

1 getting halloween crafty/ 2 pumpkins:jess/joe, molly, pat/ 3 kitty pumpkin/ 4 panoramic/ 5 new iPhone/ 6 craft assistant/ 7 tea time 
instagram: seworange

My days lately have been spent cleaning, organizing, and finding inspiration again. I am so glad the cold and rainy weather is back in Seattle again. I am completely loving the iphone 5.