Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve

I almost had a Halloween meltdown tonight. My cutout cookies wouldn't stop expanding (am I the only one?! They're my baking achilles heel) so I couldn't make tombstone brownies for the potluck at work tomorrow, I have the wrong size glue sticks for my new hot glue gun (way to go Michaels for having them on the same power wing), and I almost couldn't squeeze out the very last of my super glue. I got the glue out but I also now have half of it on my thumbs and index fingers. But all is well! The regular brownies are packed and ready to go along with my Halloween outfit for work tomorrow and I have practiced my unibrow makeup for the morning.

Happy Halloween Eve everyone!!!

From Halloween 2009 at Gio's famous ScreamFest party after a few too many punch bowl visits...


  1. hahahaha you are hilarious! I love your blog! Hope you have the best Halloween. I like brownies better than cookies anyways :)

    1. THANK YOU! I agree about the brownies. I hope you also had a fabulous Halloween :-)