Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Packing Inspiration

I have always had a thing for packing. Possibly even more than trip itself, I get excited about having a small collection of my very favorite things with me when I leave home. This started long ago when I was younger and I had to pack a tote bag of whatever I was into that day just to go to the post office.

I am also a bit list-obsessive. But let's not, just yet.

The single most efficient thing I have done to help with packing for any kind of trip is to create a master packing list. I have a word document with three columns and various categories: Bathroom, Clothes, 
Medicine, Electronics, and Miscellaneous. Under these I have listed anything I may need for a general trip, but nothing too specific like "hiking boots" or "winter coat." For these items, I have saved "Beach" or "Mountain" packing lists that are pretty much the same but with some special items.

I have a pinterest board full of inspiration that has helped my packing. These are a few of my favorites:

16 pieces, 40 outfits winter and summer editions.

This post is pretty epic. I hope I have the patience to do one like this some day.

Europe in one amazing bag.

Seventeenth's & Irving's how to pack two seeks in a carry on and the cool weather edition.

And most impressive, Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot packing for six months of traveling.

I hope these are helpful to others as well!

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