Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a few humble tips on (the act of) getting married

 (Photo by kristen)

1. Read A Practical Wedding. I didn't find much help from the website (too much going on) but the book was amazing in helping me realize that somewhere between going to the courthouse and spending $20,000 was the right wedding for me and that I could find it myself, creating whatever kind of wedding fit us.

2. Pick One Splurge. I knew from the beginning that I wanted an amazing photographer. You may think food, the dress, the entertainment, favors, or a photo booth is most important.

 (Photo by kristen)

3. The Less You Plan, the Less to Stress Over. Plain and simple. I don't mean you shouldn't be prepared, but the less you have going on (The doves weren't released at the right time! Why is the bridesmaid wearing black shoes instead of nude? Why did I decide to self-bake and pack a box of macarons for favors the night before the wedding?) the less things there are to go wrong.

4.Once you have a venue, everything else makes sense. At least, for me it did. Once I booked, I knew to plan for indoor or outdoor and what types of decorations, if any, would be appropriate.

 (Photo by kristen)

I hope these tips are found helpful! These are the main ideas I tried to keep in the back of my mind throughout the process and I think it could have been less stressful only by going to the courthouse. We have our wedding pictures back and we are in the process of sorting through to pick which ones will go in a photo book and which to print and send to family.

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