Monday, September 22, 2014

It's a boy...

I'm almost a month behind in posting this, but we added little Jacques Francois to our family over Labor Day weekend.

We knew we wanted a black, kinda long-haired, male kitten as a companion for Nora. We picked out his name in June while we were walking in Notre Dame. All we needed was the cat.

It was around 4pm on Friday August 29th. Joe and I had both gotten off early from work. He was laying on the couch, I was sitting on the arm of it, and we were trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. Then it hit me: Three day weekend. No out of town plans. We needed a kitten.

We had been talking about it for YEARS. Something was always coming up: a trip, a move, too small of an apartment. Mostly we were worried how Nora would react since she has a history of being aggressive towards other animals. I made the executive decision that it was time to put our money where our mouths are.

First we went to the animal shelter. There were lots of cats but not the black male kitten we were hoping for. I googled for other places to visit and found PAWS Cat City and we headed to the University area to kitten shop.

We arrived around 5:30 and since they closed at 6 it was too late to adopt a cat but we were still able to visit with them. The first kitten we see is sleeping by the window and he has long black hair with a blue collar on. Could it be Jacques? (Who am I kidding? No suspense here, we all know where this is headed)

One of my favorite pictures of all time.

We went in the kitten room (something from my dreams) and we immediately picked him up. He seemed kind of cranky and uninterested in us, so we played with some of the other kittens too, but we kept coming back to him. He was exactly what we wanted on the outside but didn't want to get another moody cat. We decided to leave, and they told us that if we decided we wanted him we should come back first thing in the morning when they opened to get him or he would be gone. They also mentioned that he had been neutered the day before, which explained why he was so out of it. Duh.

I was so unsure but couldn't stop thinking about him all evening. I was nervous, wondering if we were making the right decision and worried that I would ruin Nora's life. Since I couldn't stop thinking about him in a good way, we decided to get him.

 Joe and I both had plans the next morning, but thankfully my brunch date (hi Amanda!) agreed to come with me to place a short hold on him until Joe and I could get back together to make sure he was it and to adopt him.

We took the leap and decided to adopt the skinny bundle of bones and creaky meows. The first few days were pretty rough because I was worried that I had ruined Nora's life and our relationship forever but she has since gotten over it. She still hisses and growls at him when he tries to tackle her or invade our time together, but I can tell that she is warming up to him. The four of us are getting along quite well together, though we are trying hard to teach him that we need to sleep in a lot later than he does in the mornings and that his dinner and our dinner are two separate things.

I haven't brought out the big camera for a proper photo shoot with him yet so these are all iPhone photos.

Welcome to the family, Jacques!

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